Lekali Kavre

Kavre is a mid-hill district of central development region of Nepal. It is situated in Mahabharat mountain range covering 140486 hectares of land with its altitude range 300-3018 meters from the seal level. The average size of household in this district is 5.4.  The average land holding is 0.8 ha per family.

Coffee is a relatively new crop in Kavre District. This is the second largest coffee producing district in Nepal. The favorable microclimate and geography has been beneficial for coffee cultivation. The productivity is still lower because many of the coffee trees are still too young to yield fruits.

Although Kavre district is the second highest coffee producer in Nepal, the quality management of coffee beans in the district has not been up to the international standard. The quality of beans is compromised from the harvest to post harvest. In addition the coffee is not regarded as a primary cash crop for the people living in Kavre since there is a huge lack of awareness regarding the value of coffee and its production. Therefore most of the small farmers in the district of Kavre are being exploited by coffee traders from Kathmandu by buying their coffees in low price. Due to the lack of access in marketing their beans and inadequate knowledge of coffee trade in the international market, the farmers are not getting fair returns for their hard work.

 Lekali Coffee’s initiative in this trade is to educate the small farmers in that district by giving them proper technical expertise in coffee farming, proper processing techques of the beans from harvest to post harvest and maintaining a close relationship with the farmers to make sure they get the fair price for their coffees. We make sure that their coffees get marketed at the same time with Lekali Coffee’s own single estate beans. So lekali coffee’s aspiration in this region is to highlight coffees from Kavre and increase the living standards of famers involved in the coffee production.

                        COFFEE DETAILS

  • LOCATION: 27° 39' 0" North, 85° 37' 0" East
  • ELVATION: 1000-1500
Lekali Kavre