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    The literal translation of "Lekali" is highland or mountainous which describes the imposing surroundings of the high hills rising behind Bhirkune Village.

  • Lekali Kavre

    Coffee is a relatively new crop in Kavre District. This is the second largest coffee producing district in Nepal.

  • Lekali Lamjung

  • Lekali Taplejung

"Our Mission is to produce the finest single origin coffee beans from Nepal while increasing the quality of life for those involved in the production of coffee from seed to cup."


Quality , Transparency & Traceability is our mantra.



Nima Tenzing Sherpa is a first generation coffee producer representing Lekali Coffee Estate Pvt. Ltd. He has been growing coffee since 2008 and has been an active member of the specialty coffee association of America since 2010.  Producing organic specialty coffees since 2013 and successfully exporting his single estate lots to the specialty buyers in the US and Europe, Mr. Sherpa has been an active advocate for specialty coffees in Nepal. He is passionate about coffee and has always been in the move to produce the best quality coffees from Nepal. Being a coffee producer himself, Nima has the knowledge to produce fine specialty coffees in Nepal and has been trying to promote single origin Nepalese coffees in the international market. Besides working on his farm he is actively involved in training coffee producers around Nepal to produce specialty coffees all the way from picking only the red ripe cherries to teaching them the different ways of processing coffees ... More

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  • Dark Roast = Strong Coffee ?

    I have been roasting coffees for over 3 years now and have been very fascinated about the chemical changes that the beans go through during roasting. Roasting is fun and becomes more mystical and interesting when you start seeing the chemical changes that beans go through when the roasting begins.

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