Meet the Family

Mingma Dorji Sherpa is a frequent traveler to the major trekking destinations as well as established travel and tour operator of Nepal. His company “Last Frontiers Trekking” is among one of the leading trekking companies of Nepal. Established back in 1984 by Mr. Mingma Dorji Sherpa, one of the leading tourism entrepreneurs of Nepal inherited his trekking and adventure skills from his late father Mr. Pasang Phutter Sherpa who was a close friend of the legendary Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and was with him on the historic 1953 Everest Expedition. Following the grand success of this historic summit his late father received several medals and awards for his hard work.

Being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist Mr Sherpa has always been involved in social causes when it comes to helping the poor and touching the lives of the underprivileged.

Why Lekali ?

The initiation of Lekali coffee came after Mr Sherpa’s visit to the remote district of Nuwakot. It was once his visit to Nuwakot district that triggered him to do more than what he was doing. During his visit Mr Mingma Sherpa saw an immense potential of agricultural farming of high value crops. It was the vision of doing something related with ecology and agriculture. Therefore his research for new ideas in agricultural cash crop led him to take an initiative in coffee production.

The district of Nuwakot and the potential to explore the agricultural sector still lack the basic requirement for sustainable farming and resource management. The basic methods of farming in Nepal are still traditional where certain level of modification is required.

Hence with an aspiration to uplift the livelihood of the poor farmers and communities in the district of Nuwakot Mr. Sherpa got involved in establishing the "Lekali Coffee Estate in October 2008.